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(May 7, 2019) SimpaTec France to distibute SmartDO in Europe.
(Mar. 6, 2019) The Missile and Rocket Division of NCSIST Purchases 9 Seats of SmartDO.
(May 2, 2018) SmartDO 10.0 Released, Adding SmartLattice, SmartLearning and FastTopology.
(Mar. 22, 2018) FEA-Opt Technology Co. Ltd. Authorizes XecaTurbo to Distribute SmartDO in China.
(Jul. 25, 2017) FEA-Opt Technology Co. Ltd. Authorizes APIC to Distribute SmartDO.
(Jul. 12, 2016) Using SmartDO for the Design Optimization of the Induction Motor.
(Jul. 5, 2016) Using SmartDO for the Design Optimization of the Flexible Joint of Missiles and Rockets.
(May 10, 2016) SmartDO/CAD/CAE Tri-Directional Coupling for Smart Car Wheel Rim Design Optimization
(Jan. 27, 2016) SmartDO 8.0 to Support NX CAE Laminate Composite for Automatic Composite Structure Design Optimization.
2015 SmartDO Conference for Smart Computing and Design Optimization at Taiwan (Hsingchu City, Taiwan, November 26, 2015)
(Aug. 5, 2015) Taiwan Utilizes SmartDO to Optimize the Remote Sensing Instrument of FORMOSAT-8 Satellite.
(Jun. 17, 2015) FEA-Opt Technology Co.Ltd. Authorizes EFD Corp. As the SmartDO Software Partner
(Jun. 16, 2015) SmartDO Training. ITRI Central Region Campus.
SmartDO 7.0 Released. Adding SmartLink for NX CAE, Integrated GUI and SmartPET for User Customization.
2014 SmartDO Conference for Smart Computing and Design Optimization at Taiwan (Hsingchu City, Taiwan, October 7, 2014)
(May 16, 2014) FEA-Opt Technology Announces The Release of SmartDO 6.0.
(Feb. 19, 2014) Optimizing Aero and Structural Performance of Turbofans with SmartDO and ANSYS.
(Nov. 13, 2013) SmartDO Solves Design Problems with 136 Design Variables and 132 Constraints.
(Sep. 24, 2013) FEA-Opt Technology and Siemens Signed Software Partner Agreement for SmartDO and NX CAE.
(June 26, 2013) Giant Bicycles Uses SmartDO as The Solver and Integrationn Platform for Design Optimization
(May 22, 2013) SmartDO and ANSYS Enhances the Safety of Nuclear Power Plant Facilities at Taiwan
(Feb. 26, 2013) Using SmartDO and ANSYS Workbench/CFD for Design Optimization
(Sep. 19, 2012) Structural Optimization with SmartDO and its Direct Link to ANSYS Workbench
(Jul. 11, 2012) Using SmartDO for the Structural Optimization of the Wave Energy Converter
(Jun. 3, 2012) FEA-Opt Technology Signed Technology Partner Agreement with MSC Software Based on SmartDO
(Mar. 14, 2012) FEA-Opt Technology Signed Software Partner Agreement with ANSYS Based on SmartDO
(Mar. 9, 2011) SmartDO 3.1 Released. Addig Control Panel and SmartScripting
(Sep. 1, 2010) SmartDO coupled with ABAQUS for Optimizing the O-Ring Sealing of The Steel Charger
(Oct. 28, 2009) Concurrent Sizing, Shaping and Topology Optimization with SmartDO

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