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Design Optimization and System Integration

For yours, we have successfully helped our customers complete different design optimization task. From aerospace, defense, energy, nuclear, civil, 3C, sport, automotive to medical industrial, our consulting services directly impact the design, provide superior outcome for our customer.

Rotor Disk Optimization   Heavy Duty York Optimization   SmartDO System Integration and Automation

The Virtual-Lab Technology : Structure

FEA-Opt Technology is famous for our ability to solve difficult and complicated structural phenomena. We are able to perform full scope of structural reliability analysis, including

  • Strength and Stiffness
  • Stability and Duribility/Life
  • Crashworthiness/Impact
  • Fracture Mechanics
  • Nonlinear/Contact
  • Vibration/Dynamics
Gas Turbine Hub Burst   Kevlar Ballistic Test   Fan Blade-Out
PAD Drop Test   Locking Mechanism Breaking   Pills Shaking Table
CPU Socket   Connnector   Cell Phone Drop Test

The Virtual-Lab Technology : Multi-Physics

  • Multi-Physics, Multi-disciplinary and Coupled-Field CAE analysis and simulation :
    • Full scope structural reliability analysis : stress, vibration, deformation, buckling, lifing/fatigue, stability, fracture mechanics, creep, plasticity, nonlinear, contact, dynamics, crashworthiness/impact.
    • Structural/heat/CFD/electrical coupled-field analysis
    • CFD/Heat Transfer/Heat Flow/Conjugate Heat Transfer
  • The Virtual Lab Technology
    • Full Engine Module Fan blade-out and hub-burst simulation
    • Full car crash simulation
    • 3C product drop test
    • Weaponry ballistic and impact analysis
Fluid Structure Interaction   Fluid Structure Interaction