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Aero and Structural Performance Optimization for Turbofan

Turbofan Optimization

Optimizing a turbofan is always a challenging task, especially because it needs to deal with both aerodynamics and structural performance. While designing a fan with high performance and efficiency is important, the strength and reliability of structure is also critical.

For the example shown here, we will introduce how SmartDO and ANSYS was combined to build a customized design optimization system for turbofans. SmartDO was able to increase the mass flow of the fan by almost 14%, and slightly reduced the maximum stress under aero and structural loading. For more details, see this SmartDO eNews.

Solving Design Problems with Large Number of Design Variables

Optimization for large number of design varibles

When it comes to design optimization, the number of design variables is always a critical issue. It is known that more design variables leads to a better design, but the optimization formulation is also more difficult to solve. This situation is especially tough for the traditional approach. When the number of design variables increases, these methods may fail to provide a satisfactory optimum. Sometimes the computational expense is so expense, that it is not even possible to proceed with optimization study.

In this example, there ae 136 design variables and 132 constraints for the design problem. The design was optimized in acceptable time frame, and the cost is greatly reduced. SmartDO solved this problem with its default solver parameters. For more details, see this SmartDO eNews.

Enhancing the Safety of Nuclear Power Plant Facilities

Structure Optimization

The Direct Global Search Technology in SmartDO was utilized to enhance the design of a transportation hook in a nuclear power plant. In the same time of reducing the weight, the hooks shall be at least as strong as the original design, or even stronger. Further more, the envelop of the hooks must be confined in a limited space to ensure the smoothness of the transportation.

It is interesting to note that, other approaches and methodologies have also been applied to tackle this problem, but only SmartDO provides a satisfactory result. For more details, see this SmartDO eNews.

Roof Structure Design Automation System

Concurrent Sizing, Shaping and Topology Optimization
Current Sizing, Shaping and Topology Optimization

Skeleton structural is used in many different structural systems, like airplane, automobile, ship and buildings. Its design consideration is generally different in the following ways.

  • The cross-sections need to be selected from the stock
  • Connection is usually by bolts or rivet, which is labor intensive. Manufacturing cost needs to be considered.
  • Reliability and strength of structures need to be verified against design code.

In order to achieve efficient design, simultaneous Sizing, Shaping and Topology optimization must be involved. For practical application purpose, the system must be efficient and stable. Conventional try-and-error approach is no longer acceptable.

After evaluation by the customer, only the Robust Genetic Algorithms (RGA) inside the SmartDO can satisfy the requirement. And the consulting team of FEA-Opt Technology was able to build a customized automatic roof structure design system for the customer based on SmartDO. For more details, see this SmartDO eNews.

Turbine Rotor Disk Design Optimization System

Rotor Disk Optimization

Turbine rotor disk endures high temperature, pressure and centrifugal under the operation condition. The material is usually push to its limit, and accurate analysis is necessary. The challenge is how to design a rotor of long life yet still has very light weight. Also, the integration of CAD and CAE frequently produce "numerical noise", which makes numerical optimization difficult, if not impossible

The unique Direct Global Optimization Technology inside SmartDO can easily overcome the numerical noise mentioned above, and successful integrating numerical design optimization into the CAD/CAE work flow. The result is significant. The system is frequently able to produce innovative design which achieve optimal goal.

The Ejector Mixer Automatic Design Optimization System

Ejector Optimization

The Ejector Mixer is the essential facilities for almost all the chemical manufactory. Its efficiency directly impact the quality, cost and turn over of a company.

FEA-Opt Technology integrated SmartDO and CFD , and successfully build up the design automation system for the customer. The system was proved to be stable, reliable and innovative. In one realistic design example, the system was able to increase 50% of suction ratio and 25% of suction flow rate, with the same overall length and maximum diameter.

For reference, see the following paper:
S-Y. Chen, 2007, Gradient-Based Structural and CFD Global Shape Optimization with SmartDO and the Response Smoothing Technology, Proceedings of the 7th World Congresses of Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization (WCSMO7), COEX Seoul, 21 May – 25 May 2007, Korea

Crashworthiness Optimization

Crash Tube Optimization

SmartDO can perform practical crashworthiness optimization with reasonable computational effort. In one example, SmartDO can reduced about 20% of the maximum reaction force in the crash tube, and the energy absorption and deformation remains almost the same.

For the example shown here, we have used the Robust Genetic Algorithms (RGA) in SmartDO, which has only taken 63 finite element analysis to achieve the optimal design shown here.

Sealing Effect Enhancement for the O-Ring of The Steel Charger

Structural Weight Reduction for the Wave Energy Converter

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Other Successful Application

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Physics and Disciplines

  • Structure.
  • CFD.
  • Heat Flow.
  • Crashworthiness.
  • Structural/Thermal/Electronic Coupled.
  • Automatic Control.

Specific Application

  • Life prolonging of semi-conductor component.
  • Keratotomy Surgeries.
  • Civil structure and resident roof optimization (sizing, shaping and topology).
  • Life prolonging and weight reduction for the components of gas turbine engines.
  • Enhancement for the performance of the fluid power system.
  • Weight reduction and strength increase of the nuclear heavy-duty lifting hook.
  • Performance optimization of the shock absorbing mechanism.
  • Weight reduction of the air cargo flood deck.
  • Performance optimization of the thermoelectric generator.
  • Weight reduction of the lower A-Arm of the armored tank.
  • Performance curve optimization for the keyboard rubber dome.
  • Performance curve optimization for the connectors.
  • Strength optimization of the circulation water pump in power plant.
  • Performance optimization of the jet nozzle.
  • Optimization of the O-Ring Sealing for the steel charger.
  • Performance Enhancement of the Golf Club Head.
  • Stress Minimization of the Circulation Water Pump.
  • Loading Curve Fitting of The Connector.
  • Micro-USB Connector Temperature Reduction.
  • Air Cargo Deck Structural Optimization.
  • Crashworthiness Optimization of The Crash Box.
  • Ceramic Gas Turbine Engines Rotor Disk Structural Optimization.