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Fan and Turbine Blade Design Optimization

Turbofan Optimization

Since 2004, SmartDO has been applied to the multi-physics optimization design of many fan and turbine blades. Over the years, we have accumulated many experiences and customer examples to assist customers in multi-physics optimization design for various fan blades

In the last link of this paragraph, we will introduce one of the successful cases, using SmartDO to integrate ANSYS to develop a customized fluid-structure interaction optimization design system for turbine blades. Through the integration between SmartDO and ANSYS Workbench, SmartDO increased the flow rate of the original blade design by 14%, while reducing the maximum stress value of the blade under the action of fluid and mechanical operation. For details, please refer to this SmartDO Newsletter

Semi Conductor : Packaging, Material Fitting and Optimization

Design Optimization for Semi-conductor packaging and material

Many semiconductor manufacturers use SmartDO for semiconductor packaging and material optimization. In several published papers, customers mention that using SmartDO can reduce computation iteration time by 70% and achieve better design results.

The application of SmartDO in semiconductors includes packaging yield and reliability, and optimization of material properties. If you want to know more details, please contact us now.

Nozzles & Ejectors Aerodynamics Performance Optimization

Aerodynamics Performance Optimization

SmartDO has been used to optimize the shape of airways and nozzles. By changing the shape, the aerodynamic performance of the airway can usually be greatly improved.

SmartDO has been applied to optimize aerodynamic performance in different industries, including national defense, aerospace, consumer products, chemical industry, automobile, etc.

Automotive Industries Design Optimization

Design Optimization for Automotive Industries

The application of SmartDO in the automotive industry includes parts, structure system and aerodynamic performance.

Aerodynamic optimizations include drag coefficient and engine system. The optimization of structural reliability includes weight, strength, crash resistance and vibration.

Light Weight Structure

Structural Weight Redcution and Design Optimization

The application of SmartDO in lightweight structure design can be traced back to 1992. More than decades of practical application of structural weight reduction, SmartDO and FEA-Opt Technology have become irreplaceable experts in this field.

SmartDO is used in almost all industrial applications for lightweight structure design, including aerospace, machinery, electronics, sporting utilities, 3C, biomedical, civil construction, defense and consumer products industry.

Heating & Cooling Performance Optimization

Heating and Cooling Optimization

SmartDO has been used in heating and cooling applications for manufacturing, aerospace, machinery, electronics, semiconductor, defense and other industries for a long time with remarkable results.

Using the powerful optimizer of SmartDO, many difficult cooling and heating problems can be solved. If you need more detailed information, please contact us immediately.

Machine Tools Design Optimization

Machine Tool Design Optimization

The optimal design of the machine tool needs to consider the weight, stiffness and dynamic performance. Sometimes conditions such as thermal deformation are also considered. Neglecting one of these conditions can result in an unreasonable design.

The applications of SmartDO in machine tools include weight reduction, (static and dynamic) stiffness enhancement, material properties correlation, digital twin, heat transfer and thermal deformation, etc.

Electric Motor : Torque, Ripple, Cogginh, Efficiency and Multiphysics Optimization)

Electric MotorDesign Optimization

In recent years, the performance requirements of electric motors have become more stringent, and more and more design variables and physical conditions need to be adjusted. SmartDO is suitable for such practical complex design problems.

Our customers use SmartDO for electric motor optimization, which is not limited to the magnetic circuit optimization design (torque, ripple, cogginh, efficiency), but also includes stress and temperature considerations. These conditions can be easily solved simultaneously by SmartDO.

Speaker Acoustic Performance Optimization


The optimal design of speakers and earphones includes acoustic, vibration and material optimization. More and more customers use SmartDO to optimize this aspect, and they all get excellent results.

Acoustics is a developing and widely used ridge domain. Applying SmartDO to this field will help you accelerate product research and development.

Digital Production Line Integration & Automation

Digital Production Line Integration & Automation

FEA-Opt Technology has been investing in Digital Production Line Integration & Automation with SmartDO as a platform for more than ten years. Years of experience have enabled us to specialize in the integration and communication of different software, and to build system platform.

SmartDO has many built-in tools to facilitate users to perform system integration, including built-in tcl/tk platforms.

Other Successful Application

Successful Stories at Our SmartDO Newsletter

Physics and Disciplines

  • Structure.
  • CFD.
  • Heat Flow.
  • Crashworthiness.
  • Structural/Thermal/Electronic Coupled.
  • Automatic Control.

Specific Application

  • Life prolonging of semi-conductor component.
  • Keratotomy Surgeries.
  • Civil structure and resident roof optimization (sizing, shaping and topology).
  • Life prolonging and weight reduction for the components of gas turbine engines.
  • Enhancement for the performance of the fluid power system.
  • Weight reduction and strength increase of the nuclear heavy-duty lifting hook.
  • Performance optimization of the shock absorbing mechanism.
  • Weight reduction of the air cargo flood deck.
  • Performance optimization of the thermoelectric generator.
  • Weight reduction of the lower A-Arm of the armored tank.
  • Performance curve optimization for the keyboard rubber dome.
  • Performance curve optimization for the connectors.
  • Strength optimization of the circulation water pump in power plant.
  • Performance optimization of the jet nozzle.
  • Optimization of the O-Ring Sealing for the steel charger.
  • Performance Enhancement of the Golf Club Head.
  • Stress Minimization of the Circulation Water Pump.
  • Loading Curve Fitting of The Connector.
  • Micro-USB Connector Temperature Reduction.
  • Air Cargo Deck Structural Optimization.
  • Crashworthiness Optimization of The Crash Box.
  • Ceramic Gas Turbine Engines Rotor Disk Structural Optimization.