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SmartDO eNews Nov. 13, 2013 : SmartDO Solves Design Problems with 136 Design Variables and 132 Constraints



When it comes to design optimization, the number of design variables is always a critical issue. It is known that more design variables leads to a better design, but the optimization formulation is also more difficult to solve. This situation is especially tough for the traditional approach. When the number of design variables increases, these methods may fail to provide a satisfactory optimum. Sometimes the computational expense is so expense, that it is not even possible to proceed with optimization study.

In this issue of SmartDO eNews, we will introduce an real world application, in which SmartDO have solved the design problems with 136 design variables and 132 constraints. The design was optimized in acceptable time frame, and the cost is greatly reduced. SmartDO solved this problem with its default solver parameters.

SmartDO As A Powerful Solver for the Tough Job

Figure 1 shows the steel structure, which is the support of an extending balcony for a recreation center. This is a 3D frame structure (instead of truss) of weight 114 kg with 65 members, all with hollow circular cross sections. The frame is loaded with distributed load on the top. The structure has been optimized by manual iteration and other software. Due to the limitation of its complexity, the initial activities only involve 12 design variables.

The structure was re-assigned with 136 design variables, including cross-sectional size and shaping parameters. SmartDO was utilized to optimize the design. The result is shown in Figure 2. The weight is reduced to 64 kg, with about 44% reduction. The optimized structure has the same maximum stress and displacement with the original design, hence the same level of safety.

Original design

Figure 1 Original Design (Optimized by Hand and Other Software

Optimal design by SmartDO

Figure 2 Optimal Design by SmartDO

SmartDO Provides The Overwhelming Competitive Edge

The problem stated before shows the capability of SmartDO to solve the model with 136 design variables. What's more important, is SmartDO can provide customers much stronger competitive edge (44% of weight reduction for the steel structure). In today's business environment, cost reduction with 44% can be a overwhelming advantage for anyone. The return of investment for SmartDO is obvious.

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