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Coupling SmartDO and MSC Apex for Automatic Design Optimization


ApexLink is an add-on modlue for MSC Apex, devloped by Astutek Solution. With ApexLink, the user can easily create parametric model in MSC Apex, and export files to couple directly with SmartDO for automatic design optimization.

Versatile Tools for Parameterize the Model

Building parametric model is an issue step for engineering design and optimization. ApexLink provides various tools to make this task much easier, which includes :

  • Grouping: Element/Geometry Grouping.
  • Face Drag.
  • Vertex Drag.
  • Section:Shell properties setup.

Figure 1. ApexLink Provides Various Tools for Building Parameter Models

Export Linking file for SmartDO and MSC Apex

After setting up DV and all other paraemters, ApexLink can export the linking file between SmartDO and MSC Apex, which can then be read and edited by Universal Connection in SmartDO, and execute the design optimization automatically.

Figure 2. Linking SmartDO and MSC Apex for Automatic Design Optimization


SmartDO is an open platform for design optimization and digital production line integration. We welcome customers and third party developer to develop supporting modules for SmartDO. If you have any question, please contact us.

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